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Poster: dead-head_Monte Date: Feb 16, 2010 12:44pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: How is your neighborhood doing?

At least Ohioans have Congressman Dennis Kucinich as their US rep. You should be very, very proud of having him in your state. He is my choice for president. Jay Leno's mockery of him in his monologs helped make certain this 2008 Presidential candidate was silenced. Thanks Jay, you heartless scumbag. Kucinich was excluded from the televised US Presidential Debates after that.

What's next? Comcast is trying to purchase the NBC empire from General Electric. The news article I linked to on top of this page is published in our local rag, The Coloradoan. It's owned by Gannett. Gannett publishes 84 daily newspapers, including USA TODAY, and nearly 850 non-daily publications. In broadcasting, Gannett operates 23 television stations in the U.S. with a market reach of more than 20 million households. KUSA-TV, in Denver, is owned, operated, and hyjacked by the Gannett censors and facists. I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see Comcast making a bid for Gannett in the near future. Comcast hates Net Neutrality. The FCC nailed Comcast red-handed a year ago when they caught them limiting internet bandwidth to some of their subscribers who were Torrenting.

Perhaps you'll get lucky in Ohio, and the hate-mongers there will get him voted out of US Congress. Then Ohioans can vote Dennis into the state legislature in Ohio. From there, get Kucinich to pass MMJ for Ohioans. I wonder what the Las Vegas-oddsmakers and bookies have this scenario betting at?

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Poster: hippie64 Date: Feb 16, 2010 1:28pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: How is your neighborhood doing?

There are many who hold the feelings you do regarding Dennis Kucinich in this state, as do I. And I have no doubt that he would fare well in state politics (to a degree)

The entire left is in a panic here, and well you know they are going to blow it and our next govenor will be John Kasich the idiot talking head from fixed news with a huge satchel of freshly laundered money from the Lehman Brothers failure

This state has been corrupt since before Rhoades called out the national guard on the Kent State students.

This past election I voted to throw the rep"s out of office and gave little thought to my beleif that Dennis was the best candidate for the job, What the hell have I done?
I'll tell you , I fed the machine thats what I did, I'm so stoopid ! Never again.

Clear Channel and Time warner have neutered Ma Belle around here, you cant turn on the radio without hearing what crapbag Obama is or any other pol that may lean to the left. Even in this small enclave of 2000 I live in ,trying to celebrate a harvest festival is not immune from Crack Pot Nation

For prez in good ole '12 , well lets just say I'm pulling for the Mayans and thier doomsday prophecy.